Windows 8 RT DOA?

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Re: Windows 8 RT DOA?

kcbeatty wrote:

Jim, I don't know why Microsoft has made such a late effort to compete in the tablet market.

I don't think it's hard to understand the why. They're very scared of being rendered irrelevant by the massive shift toward mobile computing.

I guess they believe they can succeed but I have serious doubts. The competition is formidable. Taking on Apple and Samsung is a Herculean task (just ask Nokia or RIM). And I wouldn't yet rule our Sony either.

Mobile computing is going to be huge and very disruptive and not just for computer companies. Canon and Nikon should be scared too!

Microsoft has a lot of challenges and baggage to overcome in order to be successful. Not least of those issues is their past failures with multiple devices/appliances. I think they're perceived as a dud in that market and overturning those perceptions is a daunting task.

Samsung and HP have already abandoned RT. Lenovo and Dell are still in the running but if RT sales don't pick up soon, they'll drop it too. They won't want to pay MS the royalties unless RT actually drives sales of their hardware.

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