Choice: 24-85 kit or Tamron 28-75 NBIM?

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Re: Choice: 24-85 kit or Tamron 28-75 NBIM?

tsitalon1 wrote:

If you only could have one lens for general photography from portraits to landscapes, which would you choose? (budget is <$400)

I know the 24-85 kit lens has VR so that's a big plus, but the Tamron is constant 2.8.

I can't decided between the two.

Anyone have experience with both on a d800? looking for focus speed,contrast, center sharpness, etc..

I haven't shot them on the D800, but have shot them both.  I am more impressed with the Nikkor 24-85.  The Vr is good, & 24 vs 28 is extra good.  I find the Nikkor excellent right from wide open, all the way to the extreme borders--you won't get that with the Tamron.

The only reason I would consider the Tamron is for portraits.  All other duties go to the Nikkor.


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