How much longer will 4/3 lenses be sellable? (second hand)

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Re: what Olympus DSLR Talk forum exists for
dave gaines wrote:

The reality for you may be that you're going to adopt another brand, if you haven't already. Olympus R&D is not reading this forum so quit complaining and shoot photos. Olympus DSLR owners have left the forum due to the continual barrage of negative posts. What this forum should not do is self-destruct.

I don't know how you presume to know the reality for me, but at this point you are entirely wrong. The only DSLR equipment I own and have ever owned is Olympus. As far as complaining goes, I'm not going to quit because you say so. I complain about what bothers me and I praise what pleases me. That's what this forum exists for. I also shoot photos, lots and lots of photos. I have over 60,000 photos on my cell phone alone. My posting and my photography have yet to interfere with each other. As far as DSLR owners leaving the forum, that excuse might hold water if they didn't sell off their equipment when they left. If they can be convinced that their equipment is inadequate by a barrage of negative posts, they didn't belong here to begin with.

What works for Olympus might not work for Canikon. That's why Olympus is ahead of the game with its MILC but may be behind in sensor development.

Whatever game it's ahead in obviously has not stopped the bleeding in the Four Thirds market. So, again, whatever normal is, it's probably high time to try something abnormal.

Olympus has the same cycle the two biggest competitors follow for releasing their top of the line Pro cameras. Every 3 to 4 years.

Using the inverse of your words of wisdom above, what works for CaNikon might not work for Olympus. That's why Olympus IS behind in DSLR sales but may be even further behind in potential new DSLR sales.

Go back and read the OP. He is happy with his E-520.

I did read it. That's why I said what I said. Chances are if he's happy with the 520, he'll be a lot less happy with the low ISO noise of 620 and E-30. That may be why he still has the 520 and that's exactly why DSLR afficionados like Raj and others sold theirs, remember?

That's the many who express wishful thinking. And your majority are m4/3 adopters who want a better Pen or OM-D, not DSLR affecionados. The blogs are writting entertaining speculation for wishful thinkers.

Umm, the wishful thinking is due to that being the only option left available to DSLR afficionados that would like an IMPROVED DSLR. That's also what the complaining has been about.

No camera brand tells you what they are going to release a year before they're ready to market it. If Olympus told us there would be a DSLR in 12 months that would blow the socks off of the E-5, the sales of the E-5 and possibly the OM-D would plummet. They're not likely to do that until it's ready for release and most of their stock of E-5 have been sold.

You have a point there. Of course most camera brands don't wait until people are selling off their equipment in droves to release a new model either. If Olympus said that there will definitely be a DSLR that will blow the socks off of the E-5, people would at least know to hold on to their Zuikos for now. Apparently Olympus' strategy is working, because E-5's are selling like hotcakes. The only problem is they're pre-owned and the folks selling them are buying into CANIKON, although I'm not entirely sure that's the result they were hoping for.

If that's how you feel about it sell your Olympus gear and buy another brand. Move on but don't drag this forum of loyal Oly fans down with you.

News flash. If I have the power to drag down loyal Oly fans, they AIN'T LOYAL. This is the place to discuss Olympus DSLR's. If people are disappointed why would their discussion reflect otherwise?

Olympus does not have to cater to one majority. They can offer the Pen and OM-D to one segment and a DSLR to another. They've said they'll continue to support 4/3 lenses with a new camera by the end of this year.!

Olympus doesn't have to do anything. They can sit back and depend on David Gaines to keep them in the black. How many E-5's did you buy this month?

Break out the life preservers.

That's exactly what I've been saying. Now you're talking some sense.

I'd rather Olympus take their time and develop something really good than rush to market with something that's not a significant upgrade. Not only can they put the best 4/3 sensor in an E-7 but they can continue to work on CAF, focus speed and accuracy and other advances. My E-5 has a couple more years of good service in it.

Again, if you were the only one Olympus had to worry about, they'd be in excellent shape. Somehow though, I just don't see you keeping their DSLR market afloat by yourself.

Olympus isn't reading this forum. Even our local Southwestern US sales rep once told me the other forum was a lot more positive, which shows you what he's reading. So quit complaining and let's talk about getting the most out of what we have while we wait for the E-7 to arrive.

Tell your rep to tell Olympus to start reading this one, and then do something about what they see here. As far as talking about getting the most out of what we have, the front page goes back 5 days right now. There is plenty of space to talk about whatever you want to talk about without telling me what I need to talk about.


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