Why can't anyone manufacture a decent waterproof camera?

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Re: Leaking, they don't follow instructions...

Mike_PEAT wrote:

Rod McD wrote:

  1. The internet is littered with stories of them leaking. It's got to the stage where my friends who have them won't take them surfing let alone diving, and they treat the waterproofing as sort of water-resistance.

The problem is these cameras are bought by snapshoters who don't bother to follow the instructions on how to care for such a camera...they don't check to see if their O-rings are clean from dust or hair. They don't keep their O-rings in good shape. They take the camera into the ocean or pool but don't bother to rinse the camera off after in fresh water after. And they don't bother having the seals and packing replaced like the instructions tell them to!

My underwater Olympus has never leaked, but I follow the instructions!

Seriously, you can blame the users, but O-rings that are designed to truly make a case waterproof are a little big bigger than the tiny "rubber bands" presently used on most supposedly waterproof compacts. And the spring loaded door should be way stronger to compress it. IMHO, inspecting the shape, the setting and the cleanness of these tiny seals is close to impossible on a routine basis in the field.

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