Using Fader ND with DP1 Merrill?

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Re: Using Fader ND with DP1 Merrill?

If by 'fader' you mean 'variable - rotating' ND filter then, yes I have used one on my old DP2X. What I found is that there is a certain point at which the filter is kind of half on and half off. This seems to occur just before the ND filter effect changes from maximum to minimum. You have to know where that point is and avoid it.

I hope this makes sense.

Seanps wrote:


Just received my DP1M today and hit the beach right away for some shots.

Tried using Fader ND to slow down for waves but got a black cross in the middle of the image.

Is there some reasons these filters work with other cameras - is it the Foveon sensor or the lens that would cause this?

Anyone using any Fader NDs with the Merrills?

Thank you


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