Why not a 21.6mm x 21.6mm sensor?

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Re: Why not a 21.6mm x 21.6mm sensor ?

zxaar wrote:

Great Bustard wrote:

The entire image circle for mFT lenses could fit within such a sensor. While such a sensor would be 25% larger than an APS-C sensor (468 mm² vs 372 mm²), it would still be barely more than half the size of a FF sensor, so I don't imagine the cost of the sensor itself would be an issue.

The advantages of such a sensor, however, are substantial: you would not need to rotate the camera from landscape to portrait orientation (especially convenient if using on-camera bounced flash) and you could crop to any aspect ratio you like with no IQ penalty.

So, what are the downsides that negate the upsides?

To accomodate square of 17.3x17.3 you will need a circle of dia 25mm or so. I believe the image circle for mft is 21.6 mm dia.

Bingo ! ...

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