Canon 7D Noise in high ISO

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Re: Canon 7D Noise in high ISO

Rajeesh Ravi wrote:

Hey Folks,

I have been using Canon 500D for past 3 years and invested for lenses compatible for it. Now I wish to upgrade my camera to Canon 7D, as I believe this is the higher end model with APS-C sensor type (if not please update), as I have already own lenses compatible for these model.

Well, I just wanna know the noise in Canon 7D with higher ISO, using Canon 500D I was getting noisy images @ ISO800 & 1600. From couple of threads & reviews I came to know that Canon 5D or Higher end (with full frame) used to get less noise in higher ISO, is the same with Canon 7D?



There is no better discussion of the 7D's high ISO capabilities than this thread at Fred Miranda forums

Here's an ISO 6400 shot from the 7D I took last year

ISO 1600

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