Windows 8 RT DOA?

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Re: Windows 8 RT DOA?

Jim Cockfield wrote:

I've been reading some of the stories about Windows RT with interest, and it seems to me that Windows RT (Windows 8 on ARM platforms) is Dead on Arrival.

For example, according to earlier reports, Microsoft cut surface RT orders in half. Here's one of many articles about it:

HP, Toshiba and more recently Samsung have announced that they've nixed plans (at least for now) to introduce Windows RT tablets in the U.S. market. Here's one of the newer articles about Samsung's plans to drop out:,20437.html

Even more interesting is that rumors are going around that Microsoft is considering investing in Dell.. Here's one of many articles on the subject:

Microsoft already invested a ton of money in Nokia in an obvious effort to make Windows 8 on phones succeed, after a former Microsoft employee took over the CEO position for that company. Nokia appears to be doing better now, even though many consider Elop (the new CEO) to have really wrecked the company, dumping all of the work they'd put into MeeGo based phones in order to produce phones running Windows instead.

But, there's little doubt in my mind that some of the last quarter's finances were a bit "funny", and tweaked to make it look like the company had "turned the corner", even doing things like selling the Company's headquarters in order to make a profit for last quarter. So, time will tell if they can make a profit for this quarter, too.

Now, we're seeing rumors about Microsoft doing something similar with Dell (investing in them). My guess is that they're considering that option so that Dell will be more likely to continue making Microsoft RT based products if their initial attempts are not profitable. That's very interesting.

IOW, on the surface (pun intended), it looks like Microsoft is going to need to buy into hardware makers in order to try and generate interest in Windows on the ARM platform.

To my eyes, Windows RT is just plain "Dead on Arrival", given that manufacturers like Toshiba, HP and now Samsung have decided to veto introducing Windows 8 RT tablets in the U.S. Market.

There is a lot of competition in that market, and Win 8 RT appears to be very overpriced compared to offerings from other makers.

Heck, you can find listings for hundreds of different tablets running Android on some of the larger vendor sites at lower price points compared to Windows RT tablets, with some of them using faster processors with nice IPS displays and more features than you'd find with the Surface offerings,

So, I think Microsoft has just priced themselves out of that market, unless they resort to buying into hardware manufacturers to try and force them to make tablets running Win 8 RT on ARM.

Jim, I don't know why Microsoft has made such a late effort to compete in the tablet market.  They still think they can sway the market to their direction, hoping that they can convince their current Windows base to buy into this new system.  I don't think that will happen.  They are too little, too late, and too expensive.  If they weren't such a big company this market plan would probably sink them.  I think Microsoft will survive but they need to revamp Win 8 to remove the App feature for the desktop.  Make it touch, convertible laptop friendly and then let the market guide them in future.

I don't think the Windows RT will be successful.  When Samsung gets their apple problems resolved they will probably dominate the phone and tablet market.  Samsung's business plan has been very impressive.  They are dominating the current TV market and will continue with their Smart TV systems.

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