Windows 8 RT DOA?

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Re: Windows 8 RT DOA?

Jim Cockfield wrote:

Not really, as the MS Office app available for Windows RT is a very scaled down compared to MS Office versions available for Intel based platforms, with no support for macros, add-ins, etc.

Do you have a reference for that?  Paul Thurrott claimed back in November

"You may have read otherwise. That the Office version included with Surface with Windows RT is in some way hobbled or limited, or available only for “non-commercial” use. None of this is strictly true: Office Home & Student 2013 RT, as this Office version is obtusely named, is the real thing, not some watered down mobile app such as the version Microsoft included with Windows Phone. It’s roughly equivalent to the Office Home & Student 2013 version Microsoft will soon be selling for customers with traditional x86 versions of Windows. (With some differences noted above.)"

RT was always about long battery life.


Win 8/128GB Surface Pro will go on sale Feb. 9.  at the same price (sans keyboard) as my 64GB no-USB (3.0 or otherwise) port, no displayport, no Office support,  no full-blown applications (CS), locked-down 4G IPad.   With 10-point touch and a pen.   In short, a serious, expandable, desktop-capable computer in a beautifully-done tablet format.  We'll see if it flops like Win 8 is supposed to be doing.

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