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The X-E1 is such a beauty of a camera. I think that this RRS plate imbalances the body too much. The industrial designer who created the X series camera body "look" is likely grinding his teeth when he sees this.

I have them on my two cameras (xe1) and I have to disagree with you. They do not imbalance the cameras nor take away from the overall design. they are comfortable and serve the purpose they were designed for. But that is why we all make our personal choices and have opinions. For me they are very practical.

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Oh. Wait. I said nothing about how it is not practical. I have RRS plates on all of my cameras and several lenses. I am saying that the combo takes away from the simple beauty of the camera.

When I have my X Pro 1 mounted on a tripod, I am usually too busy paying attention to the light and my subject. Sure, you could mount a camera on a tripod and walk around the tripod admiring the "beauty" of the camera, but that just seems silly.

I have always used RRS L Brackets on all my cameras and now my X Pro 1's. I do take them off when I am not using a tripod. When I am using a tripod, there is nothing else I would use, from a safety and a convenience perspective.

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A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on. - Sir Winston Churchill

You have, indeed, misinterpreted what I have said. Or at the very least, you have grossly exaggerated what I was saying to the point of absurdity. I NEVER said that RRS plates are not a necessity. I HAVE THEM ON ALL OF MY CAMERA BODIES AND SEVERAL LENSES! (As I stated in the previous message.)

Actually the misinterpretation falls mostly if not only on your shoulders. Your response to such a comment was so hostile that it makes me question your health. Nonetheless, I will try to help you understand.

Frankly, it is demeaning for you to presume that I

1. Do not take the time to pay attention to the light and subject when I shoot.

By your response to me telling you what I do, you are the one that is presuming a lot. Read:

"When I have my X Pro 1 mounted on a tripod, I am usually too busy paying attention to the light and my subject."

I said nothing about your process and have no idea what it is. Your misinterpretation of this coupled with your quick to anger response is indicative of someone who wanted there to be a scorching insult in my words. You need to ask yourself why you have that need based on that sentence alone.

2. Spend time walking around my tripod mounted X-E1.

If you didn't see the parody there in the visualization of a person walking around a tripod admiring a camera, looking in vs looking out, and mistook it for me saying that this is actually what you do, then you have a whole different set of problems that I am not being paid to help you with. You are really reaching here for a reason to feel insulted or demeaned and should think about why that is. Do you like to play the victim, or do you simply like confrontations. The anger of your words suggests the latter.

Now perhaps I am presuming too much here myself,

I think I've made that clear.

but you would never have said this to me in person, so why are you so bold as to tell me this online?

Yes I would have. It isn't demeaning at all and you don't need thick skin to realize it either. Why though? What are you saying you would do if I did say this to you in person?

Sorry moderator...I know I should not have bothered to respond, but I felt personally attacked by this forum member.

I'm sorry it takes so little for you to feel that way. There are doctors for that sort of thing.

On the the subject however... RRS L Brackets are used to mount camera's to tripods, as we all know. Some people may like to hold the camera with the bracket attached, and that is fine. I choose to mount the bracket when tripod work is needed.

Now, when tripod work is needed, your camera's aesthetics are not just affected by the mount attached to it, but also by the tripod head and the giant legs growing out from underneath it.

When tripod work is not needed, I simply don't use the plate. Why carry extra bulk or weight around my neck? So when not in use with a tripod, there is no "misbalance" or aesthetic that would cause the designers of a camera to cramp up in any way. Seems simple enough.

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A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on. - Sir Winston Churchill

If this is all you were saying, then I must accept it and I apologize for overreacting.  I don't fully believe you were not be snarky, but I suppose that is my (mis)interpretation.  And by the way, I didn't think you would say it to me in person because, as humans, we tend to be much more civil in person than online.  In general, we are less apt to tell someone that their opinion is straight out wrong when face to face.  It is civility and politeness that often drives face to face communication because, in the long run, you gain more from that kind of interaction.  Too often, we mix up efficiency in message with being overly direct to the point of offense.  So, I am sorry that I reacted to your words so quickly and I will try not to read into your future posts beyond what is written in the post itself.  I stand down.

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