NX300 solved "Processing..." issue after continuous shots

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Re: NX300 solved "Processing..." issue after continuous shots

Michael Barkowski wrote:

tecnoworld wrote:

you are right, but...I really don't like the NX5-10-11-20 shape, while I love that of NX200/210/1000/300.

The shape of 300 plus an EVF into it (ala NEX-6) would be perfect for me. Let's hope that this shape comes with the NX-R!

The problem is, if you add an EVF ala NEX-6 you are forced to make a tall camera or else shrink the size of the AMOLED vertically. Look at the difference between the height of the NEX screens and the height of the NX screens.

Then shrink the AMOLED screen... Why are these screens getting bigger and bigger anyway? Soon, there will no physical controls left on these toys... I mean, cameras.

To anyone who says a NX200 style camera can't be done with an EVF - look at NX100...

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