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Re: Printing for competition

BIGGY wrote:

Hugowolf wrote:

BIGGY wrote:

Hi all! Has anyone done any prints for competition before? My print lab does the competition printing except I've only printed straightforward portraits for clients before. Is the matting around the images usually a standard amount, up to each photog based on what suites the image or something else? Any input would be appreciated!

Stuff like that should be in the competition rules or available from the competition organizers.

Brian A

No it's not in the rules, especially because the prints are used in multiple competitions. I'm just wondering what others have done.

Based on your added comments, Perhaps I don't actually understand your inquiry.

I would think if there are no rules or specifics regarding details for producing/presenting Photos for Competition, then, produce your best quality that you are capable of -- and that should apply even when printing is not for Competition.

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