Waiting for the D400? You're not alone...

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Re: Funny thing about the D600...

Hi Jim, if the local distributor had been able to deliver on time I would have bought the D800.   A couple of days ago I was willing to live with the fps, 1/4000 and AF of the D600 but , after some digging, I found that it does not have the  -2EV AF.  Nikon India is really sticking to the list prices now so the D800 is about $3200.

I was actually thinking about the D600, 16-35vr and 24-120 f4 for an up-coming 3 week trip to Turkey (trying to shed some pounds ) and then using it for low light birds on the 500vr.

I will be very disappointed if a D300/s replacement does not have the latest AF and at least 7/8 fps.  Interesting that the MB-D14on the D600 doesn't give any increase in fps (unless I've missed it) so 5.5 is what you get.

What I really want is a Dx with better ISO for shooting soccer in tandem with the D3S.  The D300s works well for the first half of the late afternoon/early evening matches but I have to shift to the D700 for the second half.


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