Epson 2000 vs 3000 Need to replace my R1800

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Re: Epson 2000 vs 3000 Need to replace my R1800

Again, a BIG thanks for all the comments. As for the R1800 change, I feel it is most likely time to move up/on to a new printer. However, I must tell you that I will keep the R1800 for some time, first to compare to the new printer as I work through it, second as a backup.

As for color printing only and NO B&W, I have only printed B&W for 40 plus years,  I am completely blown away with the range/quality of color prints I can get from both of my printers R800 and R1800 which are pretty much the same machines other than size. I do however find that the R1800 has better color than the R800, but maybe it is the size of prints.

Again Thanks to all for your input.


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