How much longer will 4/3 lenses be sellable? (second hand)

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what Olympus DSLR Talk forum exists for

Forgottenbutnotgone wrote:

dave gaines wrote:

... since no one has any way of knowing what's coming next.

It may be doom and gloom, but ... look at how many staunch Olympus users have migrated to other brands. You can't really be upset at a forum that reflects reality.

Hi Robert. I've shortened the quotes so I can respond to just a few comments.

The reality for you may be that you're going to adopt another brand, if you haven't already. Olympus R&D is not reading this forum so quit complaining and shoot photos. Olympus DSLR owners have left the forum due to the continual barrage of negative posts. What this forum should not do is self-destruct.

Olympus has said there will be a new camera that utilizes 4/3 lenses by the end of 2013. That would be 3 years after releasing the E-5. ...

Whatever is "normal" for Olympus ...

Two psychologists pass each other in the hallway. One says to the other, "You're okay. How am I".  What is normal?

What works for Olympus might not work for Canikon. That's why Olympus is ahead of the game with its MILC but may be behind in sensor development.

Olympus has the same cycle the two biggest competitors follow for releasing their top of the line Pro cameras. Every 3 to 4 years.

... there other procedures that fall into play in the event that said craft is in imminent danger of sinking.

Break out the life preservers.

A good option for you is to pick up an E-620 or E-30 ...

you gain small with the 620 but you lose fast focus in low light. Basically, you are forced to go back to something you may not have been satisfied with the first time.

Go back and read the OP. He is happy with his E-520.

... After Olympus said there would be a new Olympus camera that fully utilizes the 4/3 lenses, 3 blogs followed up with boundless speculation, guessing and wishfull thinking. ...

Once again, what you had is what reflected the sentiments of a majority of people here...

That's the many who express wishful thinking. And your majority are m4/3 adopters who want a better Pen or OM-D, not DSLR affecionados. The blogs are writting entertaining speculation for wishful thinkers.

Most reasonable, loyal Olympus DSLR owners? In whose eyes? ... An occasional cryptic hinting of better things to come does not constitute being reasonable.

People who want to keep shooting Olympsu DSLR. That's what Olympus DSLR Talk forum exists for. Not Oly bashers and other brand/system loyalists.

No camera brand tells you what they are going to release a year before they're ready to market it. The only reason they said anything was to "set the record straight" (Garcia in Spain) for all the doubters. If Olympus told us there would be a DSLR in 12 months that would blow the socks off of the E-5, the sales of the E-5 and possibly the OM-D would plummet. They're not likely to do that until it's ready for release and most of their stock of E-5 have been sold.

The E-5 may have been a demonstration of good faith but even it was shrouded in uncertainty for quite a while. The E-7 that the so called reasonable and loyal owners are expecting may indeed prove to follow the E-5 as being again, too little too late.

If that's how you feel about it sell your Olympus gear and buy another brand. Move on but don't drag this forum of loyal Oly fans down with you.

... it's the dollars of the majority that end up having the final say.

Olympus does not have to cater to one majority. They can offer the Pen and OM-D to one segment and a DSLR to another. They've said they'll continue to support 4/3 lenses with a new camera by the end of this year.

It's high time for Olympus to resort to emergency procedures, and high time for the reasonable and loyal Olympus DSLR owners to complain until they do!

Break out the life preservers.

I'd rather Olympus take their time and develop something really good than rush to market with something that's not a significant upgrade. Not only can they put the best 4/3 sensor in an E-7 but they can continue to work on CAF, focus speed and accuracy and other advances. My E-5 has a couple more years of good service in it.

Olympus isn't reading this forum. Even our local Southwestern US sales rep once told me the other forum was a lot more positive, which shows you what he's reading. So quit complaining and let's talk about getting the most out of what we have while we wait for the E-7 to arrive.

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