Oly dominates Japan mirrorless market; Canikon out of the top 3

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Re: Sorry to provide a dash ...

HappyVan wrote:

"The CIPA numbers still only go through October, but I wouldn't expect any wild swings in the November and December numbers. Let's look at how those stack up compared to the Japan BCN numbers:
  • DSLR shipments Japan: 814k (6%)
  • DSLR shipments outside Japan: 12.9m (94%)
  • Mirrorless shipments Japan: 582k (19.1%)
  • Mirrorless shipments outside Japan: 2.46m (80.9%)"


So, DSLR is outperforming MILC outside Japan. And, DSLR is still very much dominant outside Japan.

Why so? Thom offers a list of MILC weaknesses.


Finally, this is the troubling aspect of MILC sales in Japan.

"CIPA numbers say that only 42% of the interchangeable lens cameras shipped to Japan this year were mirrorless, which is lower than the BCN sales number. Why? Because so many of those cameras that sold at retail were last year's models. "

My estimation is that maybe just about %5 of consumers (the likes of 'Thom') make their decision based on a careful calculation of the advantages and disadvantages of different systems. The rest follow each other that is, the market trend. People are not buying MILC simply because other people are not buying into it hence buying MILC is wrong. MILC has definitive advantages and for the majority of those who buy DSLRs, MILC is a better choice but, market does not shift right away to a new product. It takes some time.First the courageous or (mentally) independent ones buy into a non-conventional system. Then slowly, other may be convinced or get the courage for so.

Now, if it were Nikon and Canon offering a similar line of MILC instead of Oly/Pana/Sony/Fuji/Samsung, that would have certainly accelerated the transition because people trust those brands.

From my experience, the people around me who have bought DSLR's, think a big black camera takes great pictures provided it is made by Canon or Nikon. They have little idea or none about different features and their relative benefits, etc. The only things they know very well is the MP of the sensor. They buy a Canon or Nikon that fits to their budget. That's it.

Very often, they are not even quite aware of where to focus, how to set exposure, etc.. They don't know about single or cont. AF, tracking AF and to which mode their camera is set! Most have their cameras set permanently to auto modes then, aim and shoot. If the subject is where the camera AF focuses (usually the center), they are lucky and the image is in focus. Otherwise, it is out of focus. They have no idea about AF tracking.

So in summary, in my humble opinion, this guy is really off in his explanation of the market attitude based on the technical reasons. I have come of this conclusion because in the past couple of years many people have come to me asking for advice in camera purchase.

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