RX1 Pressed Shutter Release Consumes Battery With Power Off?

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Re: RX1 Pressed Shutter Release Consumes Battery With Power Off?

teseg wrote:

I read somewhere a while ago that if you stick your RX1 in a bag and the shutter release gets held down the battery gets consumed even with the power switch off.

I took my first trip with my RX1 today and stuck it in my computer bag. I have a soft release on it and am sure the way I positioned it the shutter release was depressed in the bag. About 3 hours after putting in a freshly charged battery I pulled the camera out on the plane to snap a picture of the sunset and the camera was dead as a door nail. There is the possibility I accidentally turned the power switch to On when putting in my bag, but I don't think so because I am very careful about that after a power switch incident with my 5N in the same bag almost a year ago. I always travelled with my 5N placed in the same spot with no issues once I identified the power switch risk.

I had a backup battery and put that in and it worked fine... Fully charged. Now I removed that battery before placing the RX1 back in the bag so I am not left without any juice. Luckily I will be back home in 2 days and don't anticipate a lot of photo opportunities during this trip. When I get home I'll do some testing.

Anyone else hear of such a thing or had a similar experience?

If this is a real issue it may explain why some people experience low battery life at times with this camera. It may also make me rethink using the soft release.

Yes the battery is drained 100% with the shutter pressed against the bag even with the unit turned off. I always take the battery out when putting the camera away for any length of time. I leave it in if I am going to use it often.  WC

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