Deal of the year or not?

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Re: Insight of the year....

tedolf wrote:

HornOUBet wrote:

B&H has listed the Sigma 19mm & 30mm as a micro4/3 kit for $199 (Backorder status).... Don't know if that is a mistake, but seems like a heck of a deal to me....

what it does tell us is that it is possible to make and sell quality u 4/3 prime lenses for less than $100.00 each.

Imagine how inexpensive high quality non-AF primes could sell for, $75.00 each?


I just don't think there would be much of a market for non-AF lenses just to save $25. If someone wants cheap, non-AF lenses, they have a wide selection of legacy glass to choose from.

I do think these Sigmas show what lenses can really cost- it makes some prices just look silly. Why can't Oly produce a nice 25mm 1.8 for, say, $299?

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