AF mode for shooting wildlife

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Re: AF mode for shooting wildlife


I'm posting here because have not gotten a response from the Nikon forum.

I have a Nikon D7000 and would like to know what AF and Matrix mode to shoot stationary birds and wildlife in. I use AP most of the time and shoot in AF-S mode and also center weighted Matrix mode with 11 point focus. Are there any other suggestions for shooting birds and wildlife that is basically stationary?

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Bill Romer

The problem is that many birds fly. If that is the type of bird I am shooting, I would also use matrix metering, aperture priority, and AF-C . I am hoping the bird decides that at the moment I am taking the picture, it spreads his wings and flys. My Aperture is as large as possible, with idea that my shutter should be at 1/250th of a second and will adjust if the background is bright. But let me ask; if you already shot under your parameters, how successful have you been?

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