100-300 or 75-300?

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Re: Evidence?

Art_P wrote:

sorry,it's just an impression from what I've read, images I've seen... and I don't have several days to go back and sort through all of that to present you a nice neat package.

I do know my own 100-300 seems a little softer @ 300 than @ 100, but can't say I've done an extensive study to prove it.

I wouldn't base my decision based solely on that, however.

For a Panny user, the 100-300 is the best choice

Perhaps too for the PEN user if the IBIS isn't up to the task?

For the budget conscious, the 100-300 wins again

But on the OM-D, unlimited budget or where size trumps cost, the 75-300 would be my choice.

Hey, if the 75-300 is discontinued, where's the fire sale?

(I don't think it is though)

I've heard a few people make this claim (that the Olympus is sharper than the Panasonic) but everyone who has said it only has one of the lenses (or neither). I've also never seen a side-by-side comparison of the two or even a review site that has tested both lenses. I honestly believe that the claim is made simply because the Olympus lens is so much more expensive.

Anyway, Olympus will very likely announce a replacement at CP+; hopefully it will have a bit brighter aperture range and a more reasonable price.

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