Is it just me...?

Started Jan 22, 2013 | Discussions thread
thetodd34 Regular Member • Posts: 104
Re: Is it just me...?

RGBaker wrote:

The lock button does exactly what you'd expect -- it locks out the three control dials/wheels. Including the exposure compensation function. I have the camera in my hand right now -- that's exactly what it does.
I don't use the lock mode often, I don't have the problem referred to here -- when the image is too dark, or out of focus ... I refrain from pressing the shutter release. That's just me -- I only 'take' the picture I like. But for those that are concerned about touching dials and making adjustments they don't intend, just use the lock. It works.

cool tip -- does anyone know if holding the Fn button implements a lock mode on the NEX-6 too?

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