Nex6: 1080p, 60fps on camera compressed for DVD, overkill?

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Nex6: 1080p, 60fps on camera compressed for DVD, overkill?

Hello there,

I have been working on this project that is destined for regular dvd's and I have been shooting 60p trying to get the best quality upfront.

Now I use Clipwrap and just rewrap the clips so that I can use them in Imovie 08....

Yes I know, its just Imovie, but thats what I have to work with!

Now I struggled to find the best bitrate when I converted the final master to H.264. 30p.

After testing much, I realized that it was best to get the highest bitrate that could fit on a regular dvd.

Since the movie is 20 minutes, I was able to convert with a 30mbs bitrate and that seemed to give the best results and that gave me a 4.5 gig file which fits on the dvd.

The camera has a 28mbs bitrate and so it seemed right to go to 30mbs to keep the quality during the compression .

Now I was wondering if 30p would be just as good considering its converted and burned on a dvd(not blue-ray)?

I'm not shooting fast action and so the 60p was just me trying to get the best out of the camera...and its more a documentary than a "film" so 24fps was not needed.

Any tips on what would be the best compromise when doing projects destined for regular dvd's?


Sony Alpha NEX-6
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