GR Digital V has an APS-C sensor

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Franka T.L. wrote:

we should be more liberal with this all. I am one of those who have the original GR-1 ( yes that film compact, and lets face that, that lens is pretty small for a FF lens. So history had inform us that its possible to made lens small and camera compact, but we might have to reserve ourselves with slower lens with that. Or ...

Yet, well, there's is a lot between an APS-C and that of a 1/1.7' sensor. So if the GR-D V come with say a CX sensor ( as in Nikon 1 ) and a 10.5mm lens of 2.0 speed , wouldn;t it still be a step forward still. Or it can be 4/3 sensor with a 14mm lens

Well one thing for certain though, the 1/1.7' sensor pretty much stack its limit. And its not likely customer would tolerate lesser from the next generation GR-D so Ricoh do need to up the mantle. And speaking of this I think Ricoh would be best to re-consider their own film compact strategy. Back in film days , the GR-1 is accompanied by the GR-21 and the GR-10 ( one being a GR-1 with 21mm lens and one is a cheaper more consumer friendly version of the GR-1 with the same lens ). The GR-D can benefit with the same or similar application. Sigma demonstrate this with their DP series.

Of course Ricoh would be even better off if the Mfr can better integrate the GR-D with the GX-R. I would wager if the next GR-D introduce a large sensor platform then a similar sensor in a GX-R module with different coverage ( or a mirrorless mount , or just the Leica M mount ) could better the range. No less the Mfr should integrate their Pentax lineup into the game as well.


Thanks for your input, to re-phrase the Chinese curse: I guess cameras are going through "interesting times" once more. The interesting times being: "staring in the face of the end of existing technology improvements and the search for completely new technology to give a product the edge".

In the end a camera is a camera and people use them to take photographs that from time to time satisfy them.

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