Fine-tuning AF with the D600

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Re: If the fine tuned lenses are working fine, just keep shooting with them

Rudy_from_Canada wrote:

I haven't had a chance to test the 28-200 outside much since I bought it but so far, I'm very happy with it. I saw it used for around $250 so I looked up some reviews and they were very positive. Now that I have played around for a bit, I can see why - the colours out of the lens are great and it's quite a bit sharper than its plasticky design would suggest. I'm thinking this will be my quick'n'easy travel lens (plus my 35/1.8 and 50/1.4 primes). I don't think I'll lug the Tamron around with me unless I'm going somewhere special. (ie not the local park).

I'm still a little scared of wet-cleaning. I don't see any dust unless I stop down to f/11 and below, which I don't really do. The local Nikon repair facility is also 10 minutes from my house, so I may just drop it off one of these days for them to take care of it.

Thanks for a few times

I have used the 28-200 with my D700  when doing short trips but when I got home and looked at my photos most them were taken mostly at the wider length. I'm off to New Zealand in March and I plan to take the D600 and the Nikon 28-105mm as it's much lighter, if I want to get in closer to the view all I have to do is crop at 105mm and it would be similar to having a 200mm lens, minus MP's.

I have the D version of the 28-200,, lens and you have to be around 6ft away from your subject to obtain focus and that's a bit limiting indoors.

One thing Reikan  FoCal has helped me with is picking a lens with the better focus, the 28-105mm needs -7 throughout it's zoom range. The lens I have been using the most before doing this testing was the Nikon 24-85mm and I was a bit disappointed with my camera and thought the photos lacked sharpness but it was because the lens is way off the mark and probably needs sending to Nikon for Focus Calibrating.With Reikan FoCal the lens needed -3 at 24mm and +5 at the 85mm focal length, I ended up putting that lens in the cupboard  until I cab get it checked out.

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