The wonderful versatility of the LX7

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Re: The wonderful versatility of the LX7

Way to go, Ray. I love 'em all.


1) In the third and seventh images (both B&W) there's a kind of flare extending in from above. Not that there's anything objectionable to this, mind you; in fact it makes for an intriguing design element. But do you find the LX-7 a bit more prone to lens flare, or is this just the result of shooting at full 24mm into the sun on a bright day?

2) I know you acquired your LX-7, as I did mine, during that brief Christmas sale when several dealers were giving them away for $299. I also remember you and some lucky shooters stumbled into a fluke sale when Olympus mistakenly unloaded a boatload of MFT gear over a few brief hours. Have you posted any of your 17mm f/1.8 pics yet? Where can I see some?

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