Another shooting, Albuquerque this time

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Re: The biggest MYTH regarding GUN violence.

BackroadsTraveler wrote:


Chato wrote;

And not a random shooting. Kid could have used a baseball bat, but that wouldn't make the news.

However, this is one of the biggest MYTHS out there regarding gun violence.

Ie: that the perpetrator would have used "other means" IF guns were not available.

There is NO data or evidence to suggest that IF guns were not easily available...that these shooting spree killers would have indeed used other methods to kill.

Killing with a firearm is easy, clinical, sterile, distant, dissassociated, etc.

Murdering a group of people at close-contact range with a bat, knife, iron bar, shovel is not only a far greater challenge it is also much harder psychologically.

I suspect, that IF guns had not been available...that most of these shooting spree killers would NOT have killed large numbers or groups of people at all.

They may have become regular muderers (ie: one at a time, etc)....but certainly not mass/group killers of the type we have seen lately.


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"No problem can be solved at the level of consciousness which created it" - Albert Einstein

The one absolute, inviolate, common thread to the mass killings is this:

None of the victims, nor anyone in the immediate area, were armed.

If these spineless weasels seeking attention knew they were almost certain to be shot and killed as soon as their intent to harm others became clear, none of them (or at least, very few of them) would proceed beyond the fantasy stage.


KEV, what you are for Israel, this new member Bareback or whatever his name is, is for the NRA/Gun industry.

Now he will warm up all the silly arguments we have to endure at every school or cinema massacre.


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