16-85 vs 18-105

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Re: 16-85 vs 18-105


The overlooked advantages are:  -  It has back seal, which may be of importance if user is forced to expose lens/cam to less then perfect weather.   -  It has the metal back mount plate which is preferable over plastic on 18-105.  -  It has the focal lenght display that may be handy sometimes when manual focus is required.

Used both 16-85VRII and 18-105. Keep and use 16-85 for last 4 years.   Both deliver same consistently good quality, nothing to add to coments already made.    After taking thousands of pictures I would choose that lens again and recomend it with no hesitation.   Great pair with 70-300VRII

Suggest visiting:  Lens reviews at SLRgear and Le monde de la Photo.   Theirs reviews seams to be right on the money and show all detiles.

Other thought is: The long awaited 16-85 F4 is coming soon and with 70-200 F4 will be the perfect duo.  It may be sensible to wait...?

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