Backyard hawk

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Erik Ohlson wrote:

RedorBlack wrote:

SwatOx wrote:

The final photo is a keeper: certainly giving you the "double whammy"! Thanks for sharing!

This is a look....handheld shot taken in auto settings with zoomed to 1394mm 35mm equivalent... had just gotten the camera and didn't have a tripod or know how to set up for the shot or even set the resolution, so it's 5mp jpg out of the camera. I think he was abut 300 feet away.

In that much light, you have no need for a tripod - the FZ200's O.I.S. is more than capable of steadying handheld, in really almost any light.

Yeah... that is part of what blows me away about this camera.  Back in the day... mid 80's I bought a 1 meter spotting scope/lens for a bunch of money while stationed in Germany.  With an adapter and a tripod I could see amazing stuff, but zoomed in everything shook so much you couldn't take a picture.  This was a lens/scope that was probably 8lbs, and around 1.5 feet long and I think it had an aperture of something like 8.00.  Add the weight of a tripod back then, and a Canon 35mm SLR and you were humping some weight around.  No way I could have captured that shot back then with a 35mm camera.  Or grabbed handheld moon shots like I can now.  At my age it freaks me out a bit just how good we've got it and it keeps getting ridiculously better each year.


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