Windows 8 RT DOA?

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Re: Windows 8 RT DOA?

Sean Nelson wrote:

Ever since Windows RT was announced I've speculated that it was going to flop, because I just can't see any good reason to buy one. The reason to buy a Windows machine is to be able to run Windows apps, but the huge library of apps available for desktop Windows just doesn't run on RT. If you only run a few key apps such as e-mail IE and Office then I guess you'd be OK,

Not really, as the MS Office app available for Windows RT is a very scaled down compared to MS Office versions available for Intel based platforms, with no support for macros, add-ins, etc.

IOW, the features that Microsoft used to try and distinguish MS office from competing products on the desktop are not available for Office on Windows RT.

Basically, there is no good reason to purchase a product running Windows RT, when there are many products that can do the same tasks that cost less.

So, it's not surprising to me to see vendors like HP, Toshiba and Samsung decide to veto offering tablets running Windows RT for the U.S market.

After all, there is no good reason a typical consumer would want to buy a product like that at a higher price point, when there are so many competing products running Android available that do everything they'd want a tablet to do at a lower price point.

Just check the listings at major vendors, ebay, etc., and you'll find hundreds of different tablet models that serve most users needs running Android, at far lower price points compared to available tablets running Windows RT.  So, a "smart" consumer is not gong to spend more money to buy a tablet running Windows RT instead.

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