How can any wedding photographer get the shots with the 800?

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Re: D800 weddings and Events

Paul Spatafora wrote:

I recently got my D800 and shot 2 events with it. 99% of the photos were shot handheld and I got a 99.9% retention factor. The camera responses and acts like my D700 in almost every way. The only anomaly I found and which I posted a thread, was that in 6 situations I got severe back focus which I could not explain. Subsequently, I took the examples to Nikon and they are reviewing them. I'm sure Nikon will come back and tell me it was operator error. I'm hoping with the glut of operator errors reported here, Nikon will correct it with a firmware update.

Hi Paul,

I haven't yet had a chance to use the d800 at an event, but my tests, and just shooting the dogs around the house, would lead me to agree with your general observation of the d800 AF vs the d700. I'd be inclined to say that it is the same as, perhaps better than the d700 AF, in general.

One thing that I've encountered, which has been discussed here, is the undocumented AF-C, dynamic area focus issue.  When my d800 has issues finding focus with my selected AF point, it will find focus with any of the AF points within the group. That can lead to some surprising results, quite often it will focus on something behind the subject.  If you were using AF-C dynamic area on the 6 shots you mention, that might be the reason.  If you weren't using that AF mode, then I can't say that I've experienced the same thing and would be interested in learning what you may find for a cause.



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