Windows 8 RT DOA?

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Sean Nelson
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Re: Windows 8 RT DOA?

Ever since Windows RT was announced I've speculated that it was going to flop, because I just can't see any good reason to buy one.   The reason to buy a Windows machine is to be able to run Windows apps, but the huge library of apps available for desktop Windows just doesn't run on RT.   If you only run a few key apps such as e-mail IE and Office then I guess you'd be OK, but it seems short-sighted to me to cut off a lot of your options.   I have this strong suspicion that a lot of Windows RT machines are getting returned when people discover that the "Windows" programs they try to download and install simply won't run.

Intel-based Windows 8 hardware will doubtless more successful, but in the mobile marketplace Microsoft has let itself get boxed in by Android on the low end and Apple on the high end.  I don't see an easy out for them.  They're not willing to compete on price by giving away the OS and lots of apps the way Google does, and it doesn't look to me like they're innovative and differentiated enough to compete on quality the way Apple does.

Microsoft will continue to rule the desktop the same way that IBM still rules the mainframe.   But like the mainframe in years past, I think that the desktop is headed to irrelevance for most members of the upcoming generations.

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