Is Catalog & Library Function Mandatory in LightRoom 4?

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Re: Is Catalog & Library Function Mandatory in LightRoom 4?

bravozulu wrote:

I really desire simplicity, so maybe those two programs will satisfy it.
... I want to avoid the delays your Lightroom friend is having.

Sorry to be a bit late to the party, but please allow a few comments.

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If you really want simplicity, use Lightroom. Or better yet, Aperture. Most people who complain about either are usually asking them to do tasks that don't need to be done. A bit like worrying about clutch response on a car with an automatic.

-- Most of the "problems" that you want Photo Mechanic to solve simply aren't problems - at least not any more. For example, using Aperture, there is simply no reason to rename files; you work with images, not computer files. (That said, it is easy to rename upon import or later.)

-- Similarly, there is no reason to use a separate ingest program. Lightroom or Aperture will do all of this, allow you rate, etc., and do it all swiftly and easily. I am certainly not aware of any "delays" with either program.

-- There is no need for a separate post processing program, both Lightroom and Aperture are insanely powerful, especially for someone, like you (and me) who doesn't want to delete Aunt Martha or make panoramas. (I do keep a copy of Elements for those few graphic project that I do.)

It is not that you can't use PM and CNX, it's just that it will cost you more, take you longer, and will not give you the power of a real image database. (Which is where I think that Aperture has the edge over Lightroom.)

Don't overlook the advantages of a completely non-destructive workflow - no more trying to keep track of images in various file formats. And while this is touted mostly for RAW, it really pays off with JPEG as you can't recompress, even by mistake.

Best wishes with whatever you choose.


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