GR Digital V has an APS-C sensor

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Re: GR Digital V has an APS-C sensor

Tom Caldwell wrote:

Fits in my jeans and cargo pants pocket, or in the pocket of my vest. Not that I ever keep a camera in my pocket.

The GRD is well known for the lemon-squeezer effect - getting every last bit of precious juice out of that little sensor. It is a minor miracle how well it does. The "tiny sensor" is always an easy shot for those that shun the GRD for whatever real reason. Besides not everyone lives in a climate where voluminious clothing with big pockets is the sartorial attire of choice. In some places it is either on your belt on in a hand bag.

You must be a certified Ricoh cheerleader, Tom.

I don't "shun" the GRD. I simply have not been interested in cameras with sensors smaller than FourThirds format ... they don't provide the focus zone control or sensitivity that I'm interested in. If I want something like that, nowadays my iPhone 4S' teensy sensor is good enough.

I've seen lovely work from the GRD cameras. I'm just not interested in spending money for one.

Regards "living in a climate where voluminous clothing with big pockets is the sartorial attire of choice" ... Huh? What the heck does climate have to do with "voluminous" jeans and cargo trousers? Is your preferred 'sartorial attire' a speedo and a belt? As a photographer who carries equipment around a good bit of the time, I buy clothing that has functional pockets, rather than complain about whether my camera fits in a demitasse cup.

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