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xjassa Senior Member • Posts: 1,197
Would not go back to my D3 (same sensor as the D800)

Don't judge based off of images on a forum.  Judge based on your own photography.

My D800 blows the D1x, D2h, D2x, D200, and venerable D3 out of the water with regards to AF accuracy, sharpness, dynamic range, contrast, resolution, and high ISO noise.

The only thing my d3 has over it is superior ergonomics/build quality, frame rate, and slightly crisper viewfinder.

If you down sample the D800's images to 12MP it gets even worse.  I don't even think twice to shoot ISO 6400 in horrible lighting if the end resolution needs to be in the 8-12MP range, because the apperent noise and sharpness (yes NR softens images, you'll notice that on your D700 at such ISO) of the down ressed D800 image is superior to a carefully processed D700 shot.

No, the D700/D3 ARE Nikon greats.  Awesome cameras, and will become legends in digital history, but the D800 is just better.  Time moves on.

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