Are backgrounds relatively pointless because of photoshop?

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Re: Are backgrounds relatively pointless because of photoshop?

I'll come at this from a video production point of view, but when we start a project, we discuss the storyboards and dissect a shot as to if its better shot on location or on green screen.  Budget always plays a large part of the discussion.  I think the some time will help answer your question if you go back through shots you've done and come to some conclusion if it would have been better or within budget on location or as a knock out background.

Today we do many more shoots on green screen because it actually becomes more cost effective or gets us the exact right background for the concept.  I don't like it, and I'd rather be on location.  But in video production, backgrounds often cost more going to location than doing it in post.

For me, it's having a good idea of how the end result will be used and if location or screen is the better choice.

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