Israeli election results...

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Israeli election results...

Well, Netanyahu will get to form the new government...but his leadership has been definitely limited this time around. The numbers were not what he had hoped for.

(Please note...all Israeli governments are a coalition in the 120 seat Knesset)

In fact, he will be pretty much leading from a "centralist" position...with the right-wing parties getting 61 seats...and the left-wing parties getting 59 seats.

Even tho his Likud-Beiteinu camp did win 31 seats (a significant drop from 42 in the last election), compared to Yesh Atid who came second with 19, and Labour with 17.

So, this may mean one of two things.

There will be no new peace process for the duration of his next term...and a possible conflict with IRAN within the next 6-8 months.

Or, the left party block will pressure him so much...that compromises on these two important issues will have to be made (by him).

One thing it will have impact domestic social issues within Israel itself...he will definitely have to be conciliatory in this department...which I think will benefit the nation.

With such a slim coalition majority...he may find it difficult to form a cohesive don't be surprised IF there's further elections in 12-18 months time.

At least the voter turnout was quite good (64%) and it's clear that Israel as a country in turning towards a more centralist government.


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