Nikon 70-200 2.8 VR just purchased on Flebay!!!

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Ron Co Senior Member • Posts: 1,566
Thanks Peter Jonas

WOW! Never heard of  that brefore , never too old it seems  

That is an amazing type of behaviour, I heard of focus shift when zooming  but not the focal length variation simply by changing distance to the subject and i would never have thought it could change that much ,could be quite a hindrance in use of a lens . Defintely something I would appreciate being aware of before purchase so many thnaks for the explanation

Hi Ron,

Focus breathing is when the focal length of a lens changes with the focus distance.

The 70-200/2.8VR2 is notorious for this at the long end where the focal distance is 200 mm when the lens is focused at infinity, but it is only about 135mm when it is focused at the minimum focus distance of 1.4 metre.

Still trying to get my head around how this actually works ,simply changing distance affects focal length

Well the f2.8 version was off my "to buy" list because of weight  this only adds resolve to the idea  and the f4 version gets another plus  by its name

This is an issue for some and it is not for others.

I have the first version of the lens, which does not suffer from this to such a great extent. Its focal length is about 175 mm at the minimum focusing distance of 1.5 meter.

The new 70-200/4.0VR is even better, as it is about 179 mm at the minimum focus distance of 1.0 metre.

minimum focal distance is important also for me as I am often after small objects , being able to stand a metre from the subject and fill the frame is good for an aging back, currently I have several long lens , a 500mm that only focuses to 5 metres and a 400 that lets me get to  1.5 metres , the 400 gives me a much better view of small birds at close range  , and more importantly I can focus on them if they get closer ,that was so frustrating at times to be seated quietly and have a bird come inside my minimum focus distance!

Good to know the f4 focuses closer than the f2.8  .

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