The card is finally played ... opposing Obama's gun control, is "racist"

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Re: The card is finally played ... opposing Obama's gun control, is "racist"

Sante Patate wrote:

PhD4 wrote:

Luke Kaven wrote:

I see both sides of the "so the ... what" business. You don't actually give any idea of what you yourself are advocating. You want to take a stand on social policy? Or is this just a temperamental thing?

The only stand I take is on MY social "policy". It's no one's business, and yours is none of mine.

People are free to feel how they want. Racist, prejudiced, neutral or "color blind" (which doesn't even exist). Everyone has the freedom to be and feel what they want.

This is America.

Unfortunately, there are those that want to hold your personal freedoms and feelings against you (you see many of them in this forum).

Of course PhD4 wants to take a position on public policy. However, he wants the reasons for his positions to be above challenge, because his reasons are private. A gutless evasion, in short.

Well, sorry, PhD4, but the odious reasons you take your odious positions are relevant, and you do have to take responsibility for them.

Shh.... grown-ups are talking.

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