Sigma 25 1.4 for m4/3

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Re: Sigma 25 1.4 for m4/3

clengman wrote:

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clengman wrote:

I think the lead is getting buried here. It looks as though Sigma (not Leica) may have designed the optics for the pana-leica 25mm. Interesting, no?

I'd like to get a fast 25mm at some point, but if olympus does a smaller lens at f/1.8 and around $300, that would make me plenty happy.

Leica has never designed lenses for Panny cameras. All Panny cameras (including compacts) that are labeled Leica are Panny designed and implemented lenses.

I know that Leica doesn't design lenses for panasonic. Some around here (I'm not going to start naming names) seem to think they do though.

Haha, sorry, was just stating a fact.

If the PanLeica 25mm was made by Sigma, that would only be the manufacturing side as the design would still be Panny (else Leica would never agree to let Panny use the Leica label.)

This is not so clear to me. If you click through from 43rumors to the article he's referencing, it seems that ​they​ think that Sigma has a patent for the optical design of the panasonic 25mm. It's a little difficult to decipher exactly because of the poor translation, but I think that was the gist.

Do you really know what the nature of the arrangement is between panasonic and Leica? Isn't possible it's just a matter of "They take their money, they take their chances?"

I mean, no Leica buff that buys the real thing is going to care a bit if the "leica-branded" m43 gear is crappy or designed by sigma or... whatever. I don't think they have much to lose by selling their red dot.

Actually I take back what I said as it doesn't make much sense.

Panasonic designs and manufactures their Leica branded lenses but adheres to Leica requirements whatever those may be. If I remember correctly, all Leica actually does is look over Pannys shoulders to make sure those requirements are met. Which would mean, Sigma manufacturing Panny designed Leica lenses doesn't make much sense as then Leica would need to make sure Sigma is adhering to those Leica requirements. Then again, I suppose Leica's arrangement may have evolved.

You are definitely correct about a Leica buff not really caring about Leica-branded Panny lenses unless for whatever reason he/she is invested in m43 which seems to be an odd combination.

As for the rumor, well, it's just speculation right now so who knows. Still, considering how closely the patents match, there has got to be something to it.

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