RAW processing when body and lens manufacturer don't match ...

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Re: Thanks Guy, Great Info ....

jimoyer wrote:

As Bob said, DXO will correct for whatever 4/3 body you have, with pretty much any 4/3 lens. You can check their site for what's available. I know that for the E-PL5, it has JPEG and RAW correction for a bunch of Oly lenses including the kit 14-42, and there is a scheduled release for 2/25/13 which includes the Panny 14-45 and PL 25 1.4. I'm not sure what others as those are the ones I'm personally interested in.

While I like DXO for quick fixes or a good starting point, like others, I'm really starting to prefer LR4, especially over Aperture which I used previously.

DXO m43 body/lens support has been poor especially time taken to support new m43 bodies

can't see the advantage of DXO optics compared with LR4 with NIK plugins. + CS6

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