GR Digital V has an APS-C sensor

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Re: current trend is jeopardizing the truly pocketable serious cameras

rondom wrote:

anthony mazzeri wrote:

rondom wrote:

it will be interesting. I still would have preferred the smaller 1" sensor as that would mean a smaller body. But I am glad 1/1.7" will be dropped.

Even more so the lens size. Even if they made the body NEX size, the 28mm on the GXR shows how large the lens has to be for an APSC sensor (and even then without the macro capabilities of the current GRD 28mm) as well as non-telescoping makes it non shirt-pocketable as the GRD is.

I just can't see it happening because it would turn the GRD into the GXR 28mm, so why make two 28mm APSC cameras the same and kill the whole notion of the GRD. It makes no sense.

A 1" sensor in the GRD is inevitable and it can keep a telescopic pocketable lens. For those who want an APSC sensor camera with a non-telescopic 28mm lens, Ricoh already makes one anyway. Why do you want them to turn the GRD into the same thing?

i understand your point, the other day i shared the same concerns in your MILC thread...the larger sensor/smaller body trend is jeopardizing the future of truly pocketable cameras.

i wonder if sony wants to keep the 1" for themselves only? we haven't seen that sensor in any other camera from nikon or canon. (nikon gets their 1" from aptina, and i think it is not possible to design a camera as small as rx100 around that sensor, or we would have seen it)

on the other hand i think the new grd would be smaller than the gxr with 28. i am almost sure that they can achieve that within a non-modular compact body. A system camera means components, and components mean larger cameras...

also: expect higher resolution and better sensor performance from the new GRD. I think other than the M mount, the GXR is an unofficially dead system now. (unfortunately)

i am not pessimistic about this offering from Ricoh (if indeed it is true)..not at all...if they design it around a 28 equiv field of view, i hope that they also offer converters for 40 and 21. i would drop my grd3 for something like that, and would be comfortable with it as my only camera.

it will be a rather nice package...

We can only wait and see.

One thing is for certain - Ricoh naturally tries to avoid direct competition with other products whether their own or from another manufacturer.  I doubt if they have the market pull to out-shout a heavily marketed rival product and must therefore occupy a safe niche or two where their customers will seek the product out.  This means that they must have something "special" that no other manufacturer supplies to make the seeking-out worthwhile.

Whatever that might be.

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