The card is finally played ... opposing Obama's gun control, is "racist"

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Re: The card is finally played ... opposing Obama's gun control, is "racist"

PhD4 wrote:

Luke Kaven wrote:

PhD4 wrote:

Luke Kaven wrote:

As I said, if anyone thinks that there is no more "real racism" that person does not live around and/or work with many black people. It's as plain as day.

So you see racism... when you're around black people.

Do you ask them to stop ?

I don't think anyone is denying that there is racism, and I'm sorry you're the victim of it....

but in today's world, after all the fake racism claimed day after day, used as excuse after excuse...

Can you really blame people for saying... "so the fk what?"

No, I mean that I see racism against black people (as well as the other way around). I think the only form of racism the OP is denying is racism against blacks, saying that it isn't "real," and I'm telling him that it is. While racism itself is equal opportunity, the effects of it are not. It disproportionately affects blacks.

Oh, you made it sound like you see racism whenever you are around black people.

So... are you the one being racist ? ; )

Or are you saying they just complain about it a lot ?

No idea what you're saying at this point.

It does seem like a temperamental thing for you.  If you want something clarified, just point out the thing you want clarified.  Otherwise, I'll leave it to you.

I see both sides of the "so the ... what" business. You don't actually give any idea of what you yourself are advocating. You want to take a stand on social policy? Or is this just a temperamental thing?

The only stand I take is on MY social "policy". It's no one's business, and yours is none of mine.

People are free to feel how they want. Racist, prejudiced, neutral or "color blind" (which doesn't even exist). Everyone has the freedom to be and feel what they want.

This is America.

Unfortunately, there are those that want to hold your personal freedoms and feelings against you (you see many of them in this forum).

I'm interested to know what you cannot believe or feel today.  There are no laws that prevent you from having prejudiced, or racist beliefs.  You know that already.  So the question is, in what ways would you want to /act on those beliefs/ that you cannot legally now?

Do you want the power to deny black people jobs, or mortgages, or access to education and healthcare /solely/ because they are black?  Or do you think that should be against the law?

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