GR Digital V has an APS-C sensor

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Re: Missing the point

Andrewteee wrote:

ogl wrote:

GRDIII and IV are f=6/1.9 (28 mm in 35 mm film camera equiv.)

GRII is f=5.9/2.4

Right, but way back in the film days the GR was typically f2.8.

Whilst accepting the point very willingly I must note that there is a huge difference between a f1.9 and a f2.8.

Especially in a GR lens.  After painfully getting the GRD up to a GR-level f1.9 might we throw this away for a larger sensor.  I guess we might.

I once compared the GX100 to the GRDIII in low light at a circus.  The GRDIII worked quite well in the circus lighting catching acrobats in mid air movement - the GX100?  Ha ha he he chortle, you can imagine .... not even at the highest ISO in b&w, forget it.  Similarly a f2.8 lens on the best dslr with aps-c and even FF is "just making it" in theatre and circus lighting situations.  f2.0 is quite acceptable.

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