Is there any user group for the Canon Pixma Pro 1...

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Re: Is there any user group for the Canon Pixma Pro 1...
I feel for you on the initial failure bad luck. There is no empirical reason for you to suspect that Canon's quality is slipping, or even that the Pro 1's initial reliability is questionable. Lovingtheview

I said that about Canons quality control because I bought a Canon 50D. The first camera was dead on arrival, the second one has a decidedly soft lens, although I appreciate that it is a long zoom 18 to 200mm. I use it currently with the 18 - 55mm kit lens I got with my Canon 20D. The body is very noisy above 200 iso, many of the canon users at my camera club feel I should have sent it back. But I decided to keep the camera for "snaps" and went back to film in Large format 5 x 4 and lately 10 x 8. This is why I went for the Canon Pixma Pro 1 for its B&W capability. I have a 10 x 8 scanner of reasonable quality.

I have a Devere 504 enlarger but unfortunately nowhere at present to put it.

I hope this explains my doubts about Canons quality control


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