D3200 as a backup for a D600.... Question

Started Jan 20, 2013 | Discussions thread
Kelly M Jones Contributing Member • Posts: 671
Re: D3200 as a backup for a D600.... Question

ohcello wrote:

the big question I have is this. Can the D3200 outperform the D600 in good light for long distance subjects?

I tested my D600 against my D200 and D7000 by taking a photo of the same target at the same distance. This simulates a situation where you are using your 70-300 zoom at 300mm trying to get the most reach possible. I then cropped the D600 image to match the view of the D200 and D700. I then resized the images to the same pixel dimensions. The D200 was worse than the D600 while the D7000 and the D600 were about equal with an edge going to the D7000. In good light I would expect the D3200 to extract more detail, but be worse on other measurables such as DR.


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