Consensus on the 17 1.8?

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Re: A few from the past few weeks since receiving the 17/1.8...

First of all, thanks all for the answers.

I will try to locate larger samples shot with the lens, waiting for my local shop to finally stock another sample. I'm quite liking the OM-D, with all its quirks and its abysmal speed...

As to LensTip that gets so often mentioned... To be true, I find their evaluations to be very much spot on. Own several lenses (Nikon 24,35,85 1.4G, 200/2, Sigma 35 1.4 and others) and they usually hit it 95% of the times. At least my samples (chosen by trying different samples in the shop) exhibit exactly the same behaviour Lenstip describes, so I tend – perhaps wrongly – to trust them a lot.

Thanks all again, and enjoy your 17... I'm on travel, and brought the 45 on the OM-D, and the 14 on the GF3... the camera it's so small it's basically as if I was carrying nothing at all


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