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daddyo wrote:

I can't imagine what you are seeing above 800 ISO that makes you feel so limited with the E-M5. I don't have any issues with shooting at ISO 3200 or even 6400 in certain situations. I know that my clients are not taking my images and sitting at a computer to scrutinize them at 100%. They are interested only in normal viewing sizes -- so noise is not an issue unless the ISO gets extremely high.

When I talk about low light shooting, I am not talking about nightclub level lighting:-) The lighting in many of the conference rooms is subdued, but not dark. The speed of the Panasonic f2.8 zooms will allow me to get enough shutter speed to capture sharp images at ISO 1600/3200.

I hope this helps.

God Bless,


Thanks Greg, very helpful.

I come from a D4, and tend to shoot only at night or so, thus found that very high iso and fast lenses often do it for me. Am trying to see if I can be happy with the OM-D, and am still on the fence...
Main concerns are AF-C (sometimes I like to track a little bit of action, and the OM-D, at least with my 14 2,5 and 45 1,8 really is terrible at this), and the absence of really fast (1.4) lenses.
Higher iso is very noisy, but maybe I could adapt.

But you are very right on this: very, very nice lenses, and unbeatable weight... that's what is attracting me so much to the m4/3s system. I'll try to print some iso 1600/3200 to see if they cut it on paper... if they do, temptation will soar even more

Thanks again for your explanations and the time you're devoting to this post!


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