HEAR HEAR, I've got them!

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Re: HEAR HEAR, I've got them!

AlexeyD wrote:

Out of curiosity Massimo, these filters and previous attempts together do seem to add up costs of this repair. I am wondering if it is still worth it (economically) and keeps it under Midwest repair price of $395 (that repair includes any replacements in the camera including sensor).

Oh yes, I have considered this in my second post here:
I want now to approach the problem on more than one front, at the beginning I didn't want to spend 395,00+ shipping for my 68.000 shoots camera so I start to look for find a solution myself.
Now, from the age of nine I don't resist to the impulse of disassemble  just all that I can, along all these years I have deepened knowledge of many materials and mechanisms from electronics, mechanics, cabinet-maker, to chemistry, I was working several years in a backstage of an avant-garde  theater with absurd machineries around the world, they were really crazy, I  loved it really, and so on and this is a fact.(just a bit OT)
More than one time I tought to transform my camera doing  a digital back for my Mamiya 645, not for now!
I like very much to share my knowledge and to soak up myself from different knowledge and that's what I've done here.
Going back again, I couldn't never believe could be so difficult to find a spare S8612 filter, anyway, step by step I arrived till here and I am in touch with Mr. Taddei and Mr. Giannelli in Florence all people with a big  knowledge of precision glass and they want also to see defective filters and try to understand the problem and find the best treatment.
Only detestable thing in the story was my contact and purchase from UQG OPTICS from England, see: http://forums.dpreview.com/forums/post/42092638.
Considered all this my expense till now are around 450,00USD, I mean getting two finished filters and one spare complete working sensor more from two that David Lam sold to me, well I exchanged one imager and another board and Midwest told me it needs of a recalibration but I like to experiment it myself, that's me!

which will be in the future?.....................?!

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