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Re: Buying a S100?

chj wrote:

The screen on my Nikon S8100 died, so based on all the glowing reviews, I got the Canon S100. Now I can safely say the Nikon S8100 absolutely KILLS the Canon S100 in low light flashless photography. It's not even close, the S100 sucks.

Attached are two photos. Both are handheld. At ISO 400 the Nikon S8100 captures the scene relatively clearly, I even turned DOWN the exposure compensation. At ISO 1600 the Canon S100 cannot get a clear shot. The perspective is a bit different because I could not zoom with the Canon S100. Because once you zoom with the Canon S100, things get dark REALLY quickly. Any attempt at zoom would result in complete blackness in these conditions.

DPR really needs to include low light tests in their reviews. While the Canon S95, S100 gets all kinds of accolades because of manual controls, in the end, they probably don't enable much better pictures than full automatic. Meanwhile, in tough, truly testing conditions, a totally unheralded camera like the Nikon S8100 absoultely puts one of the "best" compact cameras to shame.

Nikon S8100, ISO 400

Canon S100, ISO 1600

What are we supposed to conclude from a comparison of ISO 400 vs ISO 1600?  The S100 will easily best the S8100 in low light, but it requires someone at the other end who knows how to change a setting or two.

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