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Re: Shoot. Function vs. form tips in function's favor here

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The X-E1 is such a beauty of a camera. I think that this RRS plate imbalances the body too much. The industrial designer who created the X series camera body "look" is likely grinding his teeth when he sees this.

I have them on my two cameras (xe1) and I have to disagree with you. They do not imbalance the cameras nor take away from the overall design. they are comfortable and serve the purpose they were designed for. But that is why we all make our personal choices and have opinions. For me they are very practical.

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Oh. Wait. I said nothing about how it is not practical. I have RRS plates on all of my cameras and several lenses. I am saying that the combo takes away from the simple beauty of the camera.

When I have my X Pro 1 mounted on a tripod, I am usually too busy paying attention to the light and my subject. Sure, you could mount a camera on a tripod and walk around the tripod admiring the "beauty" of the camera, but that just seems silly.

I have always used RRS L Brackets on all my cameras and now my X Pro 1's. I do take them off when I am not using a tripod. When I am using a tripod, there is nothing else I would use, from a safety and a convenience perspective.

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A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on. - Sir Winston Churchill

You have, indeed, misinterpreted what I have said.  Or at the very least, you have grossly exaggerated what I was saying to the point of absurdity.  I NEVER said that RRS plates are not a necessity.  I HAVE THEM ON ALL OF MY CAMERA BODIES AND SEVERAL LENSES! (As I stated in the previous message.)

Frankly, it is demeaning for you to presume that I

1.  Do not take the time to pay attention to the light and subject when I shoot.

2.  Spend time walking around my tripod mounted X-E1.

Now perhaps I am presuming too much here myself, but you would never have said this to me in person, so why are you so bold as to tell me this online?

Sorry moderator...I know I should not have bothered to respond, but I felt personally attacked by this forum member.

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